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Latest Developments In the Telkom Kenya Unlimited Internet plans

Lest you get misled by the title, I should first tell you that the Telkom Kenya unlimited Internet for mobile is no longer available. I have seen some bloggers get fried in their comments because they wrote click-bait posts saying Telkom Kenya still has an unlimited internet plan, so with this, I’m going to be pretty much straightforward right from the beginning.

Telkom’s unlimited Internet plan had been so popular until late 2016 when the company scrapped it under unclear circumstances. Kenyans were caught unawares by this new development, as there was no formal announcement prior to this action. Many users took to Telkom’s Facebook and Twitter accounts to air their anger, while several Kenyan bloggers blasted the Internet service provider for its unprecedented move. Did anyone take their time to listen to whatever reason Telkom might have had? I don’t think so. So then, what forced Telkom Kenya to end their unlimited data plan?

Facts about Telkom Kenya Unlimited Internet

When it was still available, their unlimited plan was almost similar to the Xcell plan currently available. The major difference was when you exhausted your data bundle, you could still access the internet at a reduced speed of between 64Kbps to 256Kbps. By current standards, there’s hardly a thing you can do online on a 256Kbps speed, but guess what, Kenyans enjoyed it a lot. So much that it really hurt when we realized we could no longer do some light browsing for free after our data was exhausted before renewal.

At the moment, the best you can get in terms of Telkom unlimited internet has to be their new Home internet plan. This plan is suitable for heavy internet users. For 3,999 bob, you get 50GB data. Once you have used up the allocated bandwidth, speeds come down to 1MBps. This will still let you do normal Internet browsing, but for streaming videos…Not so much.

Being a fully 4G plan, Telkom will require that you buy their new 4G router, which costs ~9,000. If you don’t have that kind of money, shop around for any good 4G router and you are good to go. Don’t also forget that this plan is one of eight home plans from Telkom, though according to me, this is the closest you can get to having a full unlimited internet access in your home.

Other developments that have also been discontinued

Remember Valentine’s offer data plan? Telkom has had this rolling for some years now, and what a bargain it was. For only 20 bob daily, you would get 200MBs of data, more than enough to handle smartphone browsing, including data draining apps such as Instagram and Facebook.( I used it to grow my business IG accounts to over 5K followers each!).

Now for the sad part – Just like Telkom Kenya unlimited internet plans, this has also been discontinued. Telkom Valentine bundle seemed like a seasonal offer for the months of February, March, April May and June only, judging from the time they usually terminate it. All the same, considering the amount of data they allocated, this was a big value for money. No other Kenyan Mobile ISP used to /currently offer better rates.


What to expect from Telkom Kenya in 2018

This year, Telkom Kenya has rolled out a number of offers, opting to market their Xcell bundles instead. I was surprised to find that the quarter a year Valentine’s bundle that began back in 2011 was not available this year. Not so bad for the Xcell offers, however, they are still among the best around.

Whether we will get another offer that favors heavy internet users down the year or not, time will tell. In the meantime, if you are not a heavy net user, you might want to take a look at the Telkom Hola Plus plan – text, call, and data which goes for 19 bob daily.

Other attractive offers from Telkom Kenya

Apart from the Hola deals, you can now take advantage of their new freedom bundles as well. Depending on your needs, this might just be what you are looking for. Personally, I don’t see any major difference from the Xcell bundles. The data allocation here s just a tad low, but again, that’s just me nitpicking. If you are interested in trying the new freedom bundles, here is a table showing all plans.

telkom kenya unlimited internet plans


Telkom Hola Plus vs Airtel Unliminet 20

Plan Telkom Hola Plus  Airtel Unliminet 20
Price 19 Kshs 20 Kshs
Allocation  15mb,


60 Min

10mb, 20sms,

4min airtel to Airtel,

4min Airtel to other.


This table says a lot, but I’m going to leave it to you there. I want to thank you for reading through this post though; you’re not the only one with fingers crossed that Telkom will bring back unlimited internet packages. To be honest, I don’t believe any carrier will be introducing that ever again.

If you want the unlimited home Internet package, go to or If you prefer you can just dial *222#.


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