Here’s how to hunt the best internet deals this black Friday safely

Black Friday and Cyber Monday madness is here, and you should know by now that these are always prime times for cyber crimes. While you are chasing flash sales and other sorts of discounts on the net, criminals and hackers are busy chasing you with all sorts of cyber crime activities. These could range from phishing, spoofing, malware attacks, key logging, fake eCommerce sites and even blackmail.

How to hunt the best black Friday and cyber Monday deals safely

To help you stay secure against these internet threats, you need something called a VPN. What a VPN does is it protects your sensitive data from prying eyes, i.e those of these cyber criminals, your Internet service provider, and your government in case you didn’t know.

With a VPN client, you can shop online, visit any web page, all the way to the ends of the dark web, to perhaps NSFW content without worrying that someone could uncover your dirty little secrets and believe me, we all have them; one way or another.

Now there are who knows how many VPNs out there, including ones you can create yourself within your windows operating system, but which is the best? Well, I scoured the web and discovered a very affordable VPN client for those of you who really know the value of total privacy.

Apart from shopping securely, secure browsing is also essential, something that NordVPN gives you when you grab their super discounted package at only 2.99USD per month which equates to just 9 bob a day.

I don’t know how long this offer will last, so you might want to grab this deal if you really value your privacy, and you should.

Why choose NordVPN

Most VPN clients, infact starting with the popular ones ask for up to $100 a month for the same service NordVPN gives you at the cost of what, one big daddy chewing gum a day?

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