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Cheap home WiFi providers in Kenya

Until recently, home ISPs in Kenya sold most of their services to offices and a few posh estates only. Many people could not afford Internet, and for the few WiFi providers in Kenya who tried, it just wasn’t feasible to spend billions laying out fiber optic cables to estates and home that would never pay for connection. Most Internet service providers in Nairobi therefore went for more profitable ventures like digital TV during that time.

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The tide has changed, however, and now almost every town in Kenya boasts at least one Internet service provider, with Jamii Telcom leading the competition, though Safaricom is really catching up.
You arrived here looking for a WIFI provider for your home in Kenya, but I actually think that was not the question you intended to ask. You see, we are accustomed to WIFI connections being networks where you can download as much stuff as you wish without having to worry about your data running out.
Having said that, I believe the real question you wanted to ask was “what are the unlimited Internet providers in Kenya suitable for my home?
The keyword there should be unlimited, but stereotypically, some will still call that WIFI. No worries, as just as you asked, I have compiled and brought you the best and cheapest home WIFI providers in Kenya for 2018.

Also, since not all of you live in the two major cities of Mombasa and Nairobi, we’ll see what we can find you as well. No major assurances on fiber Internet unless you live in town, not even in estates nearby.

Internet providers that offer WIFI hotspots


Express WIFI by facebook and surf Kenya

Back in August 2017, Facebook partnered with a local company called Surf Kenya to bring affordable Internet through WIFI to over 600 locations in the country.
If you read our post on the best Internet service providers in Nairobi, we talked about Surf Kenya in detail, including the cost of their ‘data bundles’.
The Express WIFI, should you choose to give them a try, have hotspots in Nairobi, Nakuru, Eldoret, Naivasha, Mtwapa, Mombasa, and Kisumu.
Of all these locations, however, Nairobi has the most coverage, with over 100 locations.

Is Express WIFI by Facebook and surf Kenya good?

First of all, if you were looking for a home WIFI provider with unlimited Internet, just consider the other ISPs below. Surf Kenya does not have unlimited Internet. Their only catch is their cheap data bundles, but we are not going to talk about that today. Refer to this earlier post on that.

ZUKU WIFI Hotspots

One of the pioneer companies that revolutionized home Internet connectivity in Kenya, ZUKU also has over 300 hotspots littered in the country for those places where fiber cables have not been connected to.
The only thing to note is you must be a ZUKU fiber customer in order to enjoy this service, so again if your home is not connected, your best shot at this is to perhaps ask a friend to register you using their account number. That is almost certainly a violation of ZUKU’s terms of use.

Hai home internet Kenya

Now, this is not new to you, especially because you have probably used Liquid Telecom at some point. Hai offers some decent fiber internet to your home with speeds of up to 100MB/s. Impressive so far, but that’s as far as the fun gets.

Apart from Hai Waya, the company also has Hai Max for you people who insist on WIFI hotspots. These packages are really shitty to be honest, as the best speed you can get is a humble 2MB/s.
If that’s not good(or bad) enough for you, this internet service provider also has satellite internet connectivity because why not.

If you are patient, they will install the Vsat equipment at your home for just Kshs 95,700, keeping in mind that there are additional labor charges as well.
For Hai Sat, there are only two plans to choose from:
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  • Hai Sat Basic- 1MB/s upload speed, and 256KBps download speed.
  • Hai Sat Bronze – 2MB/s upload speed, and 512KB/s download speed.

Depending on your preferences and (maybe)budget, feel free to go for this WIFI service provider if it’s going to suit you geographically. In all other aspects, Hai plans are simply outdated and need major revision.

Faiba WIFI hotspots

Last but probably the best, Faiba has a standalone WIFI hotspot plan for those living in places where there’s no permanent Internet connectivity, which is Cable/LAN for those of you who want to know lingo.
Pricing is the same as normal fiber home plans, so if you either live outside college, or some apartment a few kilometers off any of these big towns, Faiba iko.
As usual, if you want to check out their latest prices(They continue dropping, btw), go check out this post I usually update or just visit JTL’s official website.

5MB/s or 10MB/s or 30MB/s, which package should you buy?


Depending on how you use the Internet and the number of people staying at your place (family and maybe freaks), just know that the higher the number of users, the more bandwidth you will need, but not more as in 120MB/s.

Buying such a plan when the most productive you can get is stream Youtube videos on your smartphone or on a cheap notebook that can barely play 1080p videos while analyzing possible bets all day is just a bit silly.

Final thoughts and the future of home Internet prices in Kenya

In this article, we have listed and compared some of the best internet service providers in Kenya, just so you can have less time finding an ISP for your home and instead have all the time to update your Instagram every hour, window shop cars you surely cannot afford on OLX and if you identify yourself as a male like I do, probably stream gaming videos on Twitch all day.
In the future, we expect that even more companies will join Faiba, Safaricom, and Zuku as home WIFI providers. With more competition, Internet prices will continue to go down, and companies like Faiba will most likely scrap that 15K installation fee as well. Either way, thanks for reading through.

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