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No. 1 Advertising Agency in Kenya

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[rs_icon_box style=”type-2″ icon=”lnr lnr-rocket” color=”color-2″ heading=”Advertising on Facebook ” icon_box_link=”|||”]Stop losing money due to poorly targetted Ads that only give you pagelikes but no sales, or worse still, nothing. Let our professional team handle the creation, placement and retargetting of your Ads on Facebook. Locationskenya has the creative credentials to create successful advertising campaigns on Facebook.[/rs_icon_box]
[rs_icon_box style=”type-2″ icon=”lnr lnr-chart-bars” heading=”Advertising on Google” icon_box_link=”|||”]We will create successful Google Adwords campaigns in Kenya and beyond to place your business infront of the people you care about. If you just launched and want to see instant results, our expertise in targetting and retargetting will help you leverage Google Ads to start getting calls and quote requests(depending on your business) right away![/rs_icon_box]
[rs_icon_box style=”type-2″ icon=”lnr lnr-laptop-phone” heading=”Search Engine Optimization” icon_box_link=”|||”]Get more visitors who are ready to buy your products with our affordable SEO services. We offer local, organic (onpage SEO), content creation, blog posting, and content promotion.

Just starting out? we will set up your website, optimize and create pillar content for you.[/rs_icon_box]