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Faiba 4G mobile network from JTL launches in Kenya

This week saw Jamii Telecoms finally put their mobile network license to use with their new data-focused Faiba 4G mobile network.
Traditionally, we have always known JTL as a premium home Internet service provider in Nairobi and Mombasa, but the franchise is now flexing its muscle.

With the recent trademarking of Faiba Money and Faiba pay, JTL seems to be going all in for a piece of Kenya’s mobile subscriber market. Back to their new 4G mobile network though, there are a number of things that simply make it the most affordable 4G mobile network in the country at the moment.

Now that’s not a light statement, especially since a lot of you guys in Nairobi probably chose ZUKU home Internet during the early days because of Faiba’s costly internet fees. However, with the competition heating up thanks to new entries like Safaricom Fiber Home Internet and Telkom Home plans, there’s no longer any major difference between the three unlimited ISPs at the moment in terms of cost/month.

Difference between Faiba 4G mobile and other mobile networks in Kenya

Unlike the other four mobile networks in Kenya which all have Edge, 3G, and 4G networks while majoring in calls and messaging, JTL is going 4G only for theirs. As long as you have a data bundle, you can text at 1 bob a minute on the prepaid network and call at 2 bob a minute. I’m sure these are not the best rates on the market, but their data plans should make you change your mind.
In case you are interested to know, the new JTL mobile cards will have the prefix 0747…

Faiba 4G network data bundles and cost

For starters, we only have one daily bundle plan, which in my opinion, is the best value for money. It also makes sense. For Kshs 50 only, you get 1GB data bundle, which is more than enough for heavy internet usage on your smartphone. Airtel Kenya has a similar 1GB plan, but that costs 99 bob.
Here is a full table showing all plans

1GB 50 kshs  24Hrs
 8GB 300 kshs  7 days
 15GB 500 kshs  30 days
 25GB  1000 kshs  30 days
 40GB 2000 kshs  30 days
 70GB 3000 kshs  30 days
 120GB  4000 kshs  30 days
 210GB  6000 kshs  30 days


Faiba Unlimited mobile network and cost

We used to have Safaricom back in 2010 offering this, then came Orange. I think Airtel Kenya also gave it a shot, but unlimited mobile internet plans were just too unreliable. JTL, however, has a truly unlimited hourly 4G plan with speeds of up to 72MBps.
This plan will also cost you Kshs 150 only, so depending on your needs, this could be a good option. I find it useful in case I need to go live on my smartphone or laptop while I’m away from the house or permanent cable Internet.

Faiba 4G mobile 30-day plans

If you’re not a heavy internet user and would rather have a triple package of Internet, airtime and messaging, have a look at these plans to see if they suit your needs.

1 GB,200 mins, 200 SMS at 2,000/month 2GB, 350 mins, 500 SMS at 2,500/month 3GB, 700 mins, 700SMS at 4,000/month

Towns already covered:

  • Nairobi
  • Mombasa
  • Kisumu
  • Nakuru
  • Eldoret
  • Thika

I expect JTL to increase their coverage to more towns in the country if they intend to win more heavy Internet users who could use a cheaper network and save a few bucks.

Where to buy Jamii Telkom Faiba 4G sim cards

As of writing this, you can purchase your Faiba 4G sim card at any PhoneXpress shop near you or at their company shops, though this will not be a big deal in coming months as more distributors get hold of the cards.
Do you spend a lot of money on data bundles? If so, will you be switching to the new Faiba 4G network for your Internet use to reduce expenses? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below. Thanks for reading.


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