Why a lot of your favorite articles are missing as from 8th July

by Dancun July 14, 2018

Over the past week, this blog has gone from a big vibrant community, all the way to a ghost town. Before Sunday, we had over 40 blog posts, each ranking well in Google, some even at position one. However, they suddenly disappeared without explanation, without warning. Why? That’s what I’m here to answer.

Before I go into the details, the main reason really revolves around me losing the plot. The blog wasn’t hacked or anything, I personally chose to sanitize it the best way I knew. In this case, it was by deleting over 30 blog posts.

As much as I feel bad for you guys who had gotten used to my in-depth ghris guide as well as a well-performing article on poultry farming among others, they really had to go. I am a tech junkie, and farming wasn’t just the topic for locationskenya.

This is the same with other popular topics, so I chose to act on the stray articles that were thrown in along the way just to complete my weekly content creation calendar. One of the first articles to rank very well was about the home internet topic. This is a topic I am interested in, and actively follow up the latest updates around it. This is the primary niche I chose for locationskenya. At least for now.

I am working on restructuring the true goal statement and vision for this blog, and as far as I know, it could be anything! Well except a marketplace or news site. No, we are not that cheap. If you are keen, you might have also noticed there are no Advertisements anymore! Starting July 13th, I have chosen to remove all adverts from locationskenya.

While this is a gamble for me (man I had a solid CPC for locationskenya), it also means you get to read your favorite blog posts with relatively no popups or any other form of intrusive ad. Did you actually know that this is something very rare nowadays? Seriously, when is the last time you visited a popular blog and content loaded without ads? We can argue, but the instances are very few.

So with all these white spaces, what are you going to do with them, you ask?

Hmm, tough question for now, since I’m kind of in the I don’t know phase in life. That time when you.just.don’t.know. However, what stands out clearly is the need for content. Whatever direction this website goes from now, it is going to have regular, engaging and insightful content, and zero ads.

I wanted to make this a small announcement type of blog post, and I sure hope it has not grown too ‘long’. Looking back, I have addressed the deleted posts issue, so the key message is out. The rest (future plans, niche choice, and content creation), will kind of speak for themselves when changes start taking place here. For now, however, I have to run.

If you have a question you would like to ask me personally, reach me through 0726009434, or email me at dannybiwot@gmail.com.


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