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Best 1GB daily mobile data plans in Kenya currently

This article was quite outdated and over the time since it first went online, there has been a lot of changes as well as new players in the field. To bring you up to speed with some of the best daily mobile data plans at the moment I decided to update this article instead of writing a new one.

Currently you really are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a 1GB mobile data plan. First of all, we now have faiba mobile from jamii telecommunications offering a very lucrative daily 1gb for only 50 shillings. We also have the one we already featured when I first wrote this article which was airtel kenya.

Moving on, safaricom has also stepped up it’s efforts to maintain the lion’s share of mobile internet users in kenya by introducing the so popular tunukiwa promotion. When you dial *444#, then choose tunukiwa internet, you will find amazing deals with prices starting as low as 30 kshs for 90mbs of data. That might or may not be enough for your daily usage so you might want to upgrade to the Safaricom daily 1gb at 99 bob.

Last but not least we already had telkom offering us 400mb at 50 bob. Currently the data allocation has been increased to 500mb, which is a huge plus for heavy internet users like you, since even with heavy abuse that data our location can easily last its 24 hrs lifetime.

Both airtel and telkom offer 1gb data allocations for 99 shillings only. The main reason a lot of you guys will end up subscribing to these plans is because compared to faiba mobile, airtel and telkom have a better service coverage across the country.

So whose offer would you go for? He’s a short review of airtel’s 1gb plan, and part of the original article that I wrote in 2017.

The latest daily 2GB at 99 bob from Airtel is a really good deal for those who mostly use data hogging apps such as Instagram, Facebook(not lite), Telegram and Sportpesa App.

Used on mobile only, this data can easily last a whole day even if you really abuse it. Compared to similar plans such as the new Telkom 2GB at 99 bob  or Safaricom’s 1GB for Kshs 99 bob, many of you will still go for Safaricom. Apart from numerous complains of slow connectivity due

The biggest downside of Airtel’s lucrative daily data plan, however, is how if you don’t exhaust them, your bundles vanish upon expiry. Safaricom are no better either. Telkom does give you some time(Up to one hour) to renew your bundles before they also disappear.

Choosing a plan that suits you depends on how often you go online using your smartphone. If you only check WhatsApp, use Facebook Lite, and have your opera mini data savings set to extreme, just stick to your current plan.

Using the Airtel 1Gb at Kshs 99 on your laptop?

1 GB is way too low if you are planning to use it to browse the internet on your laptop. Unless you set your connection as metered and turn off all images in your browser, 1GB of data will only last about 5 hours with no video playback. Watch youtube videos and we’re looking at 2 hrs max.

I wish Airtel Kenya would also give us deal similar to what they have in India, where at the same price, you get free calls and 100 SMS daily. The calls are not completely free, but I think we agree that 250 minutes is a lot of talk time.
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