Hello there, stranger, and thanks for dropping by! My name is Dancun Kibiwot and I explore lifestyle, home and living and self-improvement here at locationskenya. While most of the stories here will revolve around those topics, I occasionally throw in a few unrelated gems I come across as well.

I started locationskenya because I felt I could add something different to the conversation. I personally didn’t like how the sites having solutions to the problems I searched for in Kenya were either misleading or was an exact copy of what I had read on a different website.

3 years ago, I began doing freelance writing tasks for a number of clients during that period. I, however, felt I was wasting my writing selling content very cheap online. One day, I confidently mailed my clients a very simple sentence – “I will not be taking writing assignments anymore, thank you”. I could have come up with a lie or something to cover up, but instead was straightforward on this. I was not writing for others anymore.

That was when locationskenya was born, just as I completed my BSc in computer science. While here, you can sign up for my weekly newsletter, or if your inbox is overflowing, just bookmark for future visits. For now, pull out your mat, get comfy, and catch some of my favorite stories here.
If you have any questions, feel free to mail me personally or use the contact page.