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About me

Namaste, my Internet friend; thanks for dropping by! My name is Dancun Kibiwot and I explore technology, sports, business and self-improvement here at locationskenya.

But wait…there are a gazillion other blogs in Kenya doing this my dude, why not pursue something else?

Good Question, anyway here is why I decided to jump into this bandwagon:

To do it differently

I don’t want locationskenya to be ‘just another kenyan news blog’. No. You and I both know the kind of reputation most these websites have. My promise is to bring you well researched content, content that gives you value. With fake news and mediocrity everywhere, Locationskenya wants to bring you sensible content that truly adds value to your life. Some of the posts might be long, but they will be worth your time, I promise.

To reduce the noise and focus on giving you the real stuff you need

I don’t want you reading an article on my site and having to go back to Google searching for a solution to the same problem because I half addressed it. When I hit a publish, every article I write will be so good and comprehensive that by the time you finish reading, you don’t need to read any much else on the topic because you found all the info you wanted.

I started locationskenya because I felt I could add something different to the conversation. I personally didn’t like how the sites having solutions to the problems I searched for in Kenya were either misleading or was an exact copy of what I had read on a different website.

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